Advanced English Grammar Test 24

Test # 24

Start reading the story from page 4 and then go on until you ________ the end of the chapter.

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Precaution while using Contact Lenses

Hypoallergenic liquid foundations

Choose waterbased, hypoallergenic liquid foundations. Cream makeup may leave a film on your lenses. Many people wear contact lenses because they prefer them to eye glasses contact lenses do not slip down your nose or fog up in the wintertime. A few people, however, must wear contact lenses to have adequate vision (for example, after cataract surgery, or for medical conditions such as keratoconus a deformity of the cornea).

Basic English Usage
Leave for Let

Don't Say:
Penny didn't leave me to get my book.

Penny didn't let me get my book.

Let means to allow Leave means to abandon or to go away from: Do you leave your books at school?
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