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Precautions while using Internet Banking

Verify the banks insurance status

To verify a banks insurance status, look for the familiar FDIC logo or the words Member FDIC or FDIC Insured on the Web site. Also, you should check the FDICs online database of FDIC insured institutions. You can search for an institution by going to Bank Find (formerly Is My Bank Insured?). Search by name, city, state or zip code of the bank, and click the Find button. A positive match will display the official name of the bank, the date it became insured, its insurance certificate number, the main office location for the bank (and branches), its primary government regulator, and other links to detailed information about the bank. If your bank does not appear on this list, contact the FDIC.

English Grammar
We can use take to say how much time we need to do something. Three constructions are possible.
    [person + take + time + infinitive]
    I took three hours to get home last night.
    She takes all day to wake up.
    [activity + take(+ person) + time]
    The journey took me three hours.
    Gardening takes a lot of time.
    [It + take + person + time + infinitive]
    It took me three hours to get home last night.
    It takes ages to do the shopping.
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