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Rules to play Caber Toss

Tossing the Caber

There is no standard size or weight of a caber but the caber should be of a length and weight such that at least half the competitors can turn it. The caber is to be made only of wood. The caber shall be placed upright for the competitor, with the heavy end on top. The attempt begins when the competitor lifts the caber from the ground. If the competitor drops the small end of the caber back to the ground after having picked it up, this shall count as one attempt. It is recommended that a back judge and a side judge be used. The judge may set boundaries if he feels the ground in a certain area is not suitable for the caber to be tossed or to provide safety for the spectators. The competitor may take any length of run they wish and may toss the caber from where they choose, as long as it is within the judges boundaries. The caber must pass through the vertical position 90 degrees from the ground in order to count as a turned caber. It is up to the side judge to determine if the caber has passed through it. The clock face method of judging shall be used. The caber in a perfect toss will pass through the vertical position and land with the small end pointing directly at 12 oclock away from the competitor in an imaginary straight line extending from the competitor through the initial landing point and in line with the direction of the run. An overhead view is drawn in Figure 2 below to demonstrate a 12 oclock toss.

Very and Too - Too

Don't Say:
It's now very hot to play football.

It's now too hot to play football.

Very simply makes the adjective or adverb stronger. Too means more than enough, or so much that something else happens as a result.
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