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Rules to play Squash

Eye protection

Eye protection is neccesary to protect your eyes from the ball and from the racquet. Wearing eye guards is mandatory in almost every pro tournament worldwide. Keep in mind that pros have spent their lives developing accurate shots with compact follow throughs. So if these players feel eye guards are important than you can be certain you should be wearing them too.

We can use take to say how much time we need to do something. Three constructions are possible.
    [person + take + time + infinitive]
    I took three hours to get home last night.
    She takes all day to wake up.
    [activity + take(+ person) + time]
    The journey took me three hours.
    Gardening takes a lot of time.
    [It + take + person + time + infinitive]
    It took me three hours to get home last night.
    It takes ages to do the shopping.
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