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1.impede with a clog or as if with a clog
2.cause to be constipated

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  • saint james
  • speech defect
  • tombstone
  • tan
  • retina
  • remembrance sunday
  • unenlightened
  • ramesses
  • vindictiveness
  • uncomprehending
  • freedman
  • digital computer
  • adenium multiflorum
  • genus macronectes
  • food poisoning
  • calx
  • cross-town
  • cardizem
  • desert tortoise
  • cornus mas
  • jagua
  • paganize
  • gaston lachaise
  • marshy
  • glycerin jelly
  • water mold
  • relate
  • farrowing
  • genus pertusaria
  • southwest by south

  • Idiom of the Day

    go back on one's word
    to break one's promise
    My supervisor went back on his word when he refused to give me a day off.

    He came in ________ so he did not get a medal.

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