kadai language

1.a family of Sino-Tibetan languages spoken in southeastern Asia

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  • registered

  • pull the wool over (someone`s) eyes
    to deceive or fool someone
    "Don`t let that man pull the wool over your eyes with his excuses."
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    There was absolutely no question about it he was the ________ idiot such as you'd find in one of those old farces.

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    The plural ending -(e)s has three different pronunciations.
  • After one of the 'sibilant' sounds /s/, Izl, ll, /3A /tj/ and /d3A -es is pronounced hzl.
    buses/'bASiz/ crashes /'kraefiz/ watches/'wotjiz/
    quizzes/' kwiziz/ garages/'gaera:3iz/ br/dges/'brid3iz/
  • After any other 'unvoiced' sound (/pA /f/, /0/, /t/ or /k/), -(ejs is pronounced /s/.
    cups /kAps/ bafbs /ba:0s/ boo/cs/buks/
    coughs /kofs/ plates /pleits/
  • After all other sounds (vowels and voiced consonants except Izl, l$l and /d3/), -(e)s is pronounced Izl.
    daysldeizl knives /naivz/ hills /hilz/ dreams /dri:mz/
    boys/boiz/ clothes /klaudz/ /egs/legz/ songs/str]z/
    frees /tri:z/ ends/endz/
  • Exceptions:
    house/haus/ houses /hauziz/ mouth /mau8/ mouths /maudz/ Third-person singular verbs (for example watches, wants, runs) and possessives (for example George's, Mark's, Joe's) follow the same pronunciation rules.
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