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1.French painter (born in Russia) noted for his imagery and brilliant colors (1887-1985)

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  • tailstock
  • update
  • refreshingly
  • toasting fork
  • scarcity
  • unmelodiously
  • sumner
  • social system
  • toilet-train
  • rabble
  • brevoortia
  • fregata
  • encamp
  • frail
  • camping area
  • anwar sadat
  • gripe
  • brevoortia tyrannis
  • david oliver selznick
  • drip culture
  • phthalic acid
  • sooty
  • organist
  • satiric
  • lacrimal vein
  • skittishly
  • contract of hazard
  • vehement
  • admittible
  • ex tempore

  • Idiom of the Day

    food for thought
    something worth thinking about, something that provides mental stimulation
    I do not agree with the proposal but it does give me food for thought.

    Choose an idiom to replace the expression in the brackets:
    I do not want to (cause any problems) in my new company.

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    Most Desirable Women

    Adele Exarchopoulos

    Adele Exarchopoulos is a French actress born on 22 November 1993. Her debut film Martha was released in 2005. She was just thirteen when she acted in the film Boxes in 2007. She has also acted in movies like Les Enfants de Timpelbach, The Round Up, Turk s Head, Chez Gino, Carre Blanc, Pieces of Me and I Used to Be Darker. Adele made her international breakthrough with the movie Blue Is the Warmest Colour based on a French novel. She got extensive critical acclaim and her performance was widely appreciated. Exarchopoulos won the Palme d Or award at the Cannes Film Festival. She is the youngest actor ever to get this award.

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