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abu ali al-husain ibn abdallah ibn sina

1.Arabian philosopher and physician

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  • absurdness
  • absurdly
  • absurdity
  • absurd
  • abstrusity
  • abstruseness
  • abstrusely
  • abstruse
  • abstractor
  • abstractness
  • abu dhabi
  • abu nidal organization
  • abu sayyaf
  • abudefduf
  • abudefduf saxatilis
  • abuja
  • abukir
  • abukir bay
  • abul-walid mohammed ibn-ahmad ibn-mohammed ibn-roshd
  • abulia
  • big businessman
  • dumetella
  • war paint
  • carver
  • contredanse
  • malice
  • throw away
  • sylvia communis
  • andrei andreyevich gromyko
  • halenia

  • Idiom of the Day

    to the bone
    thoroughly, entirely
    I became wet to the bone during the heavy rain.

    She's _________ to retire in the summer when she reaches the age.

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