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1.concurrence of opinion
2.the act of granting rights

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  • accord and satisfaction
  • accord
  • accomplishment
  • accomplished fact
  • accomplished
  • accomplishable
  • accomplish
  • accomplice
  • accompanyist
  • accompanying vein
  • accordance of rights
  • accordant
  • according
  • accordingly
  • accordion
  • accordion door
  • accordionist
  • accouchement
  • accoucheur
  • accoucheuse
  • clonidine
  • telephotograph
  • wind cone
  • holler out
  • ideography
  • reburying
  • point of intersection
  • military force
  • wordbook
  • humorless

  • Idiom of the Day

    at the end of one`s rope
    at the limit of one`s ability to cope or deal with something
    I am at the end of my rope about what to do about my problems at work.

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    Basic English Usage
    Misuse of one and parts of one with the singular

    Don't Say:
    I read it in one and a half hour.

    I read it in one and a half hours.

    In English, use the plural with anything greater than one, even it it's less than two.
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