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1.a source of materials to nourish the body aliment v.
1.give nourishment to

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  • alikeness
  • alike
  • alignment
  • aligning
  • aligned
  • align
  • alight
  • aliform
  • alienist
  • alienism
  • alimental
  • alimentary
  • alimentary canal
  • alimentary paste
  • alimentary tract
  • alimentary tract smear
  • alimentation
  • alimentative
  • alimony
  • aline
  • majestic
  • meritless
  • plant material
  • dowdiness
  • fixed-income
  • indicator
  • kala azar
  • single-shelled
  • sky-blue
  • exanthem

  • Idiom of the Day

    of late
    Of late, there has been almost no rain in our city.

    They want ________ withdrawal of the armed forces.

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    Natural Wonders of the World


    One of the greatest natural wonders, Aurora. The auroras, also known as the Northern Lights, are naturally occurring lights that create intriguing and spectacular displays in the sky. The aurora lights frequently appear as diffused glow lighting up the horizon. The most amazing sight is when the northern lights appears as waves across the sky; it is almost as if the lights are dancing.

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