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apple tree

1.any tree of the genus Malus especially those bearing firm rounded edible fruits

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  • apple tart
  • apple sauce
  • apple rust
  • apple polisher
  • apple pie
  • apple orchard
  • apple of peru
  • apple of discord
  • apple nut
  • apple mint
  • apple turnover
  • applecart
  • applejack
  • applemint
  • applesauce
  • applesauce cake
  • applet
  • appleton
  • appleton layer
  • applewood
  • pair of tweezers
  • genus vittaria
  • kidney failure
  • toothpaste
  • lollipop woman
  • furiousness
  • dweller
  • obscenely
  • diddly
  • meclizine

  • Idiom of the Day

    shoot for (something)
    to attempt to do something, to aim toward a goal
    I was shooting for the local spelling championship before I could advance to a higher level.

    I miss ________ in London.

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    Valentines Day Date Night Ideas

    Catch a concert

    Check your local papers and websites for upcoming free concerts. If youre lucky enough to celebrate outdoors, pack a picnic basket and blanket so you can dance and dine in the same place.

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