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1.heard or perceptible by the ear

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  • audibility
  • audenesque
  • auden
  • audad
  • audacity
  • audaciousness
  • audaciously
  • audacious
  • aucuba
  • auctorial
  • audibleness
  • audibly
  • audience
  • audile
  • audio
  • audio amplifier
  • audio cd
  • audio compact disc
  • audio frequency
  • audio lingual acquisition
  • lichtenstein
  • robert owen
  • electronically
  • medellin cartel
  • lux
  • eternal damnation
  • grapelike
  • breathing apparatus
  • southern cabbage butterfly
  • marchantia polymorpha

  • Idiom of the Day

    shove one's way (somewhere)
    to make a path through a crowd by pushing
    We shoved our way into the department store for the big sale.

    Ever'and 'never'are adjectives.

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    Snow White Penguin Chick

    Not all emperor penguins sport black and white tuxedoes. Scripps reseacher Gerald Kooyman spotted this unique all white emperor chick, dubbed Snowflake, during a penguin survey on the ice shelf of the Ross Sea, Antarctica, in December 1997. Its white feathers blended in so well with the icy background that Kooyman said he almost missed the chick emperor penguin chicks are usually covered in a grayish down coat, with dark tail feathers and dark bills and feet. Scientists dont think Snowflake is an albino, however, as it didnt have the characteristic pink eyes associated with albinism.

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