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1.uninterrupted in time and indefinitely long continuing

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  • cease-fire
  • cease and desist order
  • cease
  • ce
  • cdna
  • cdc
  • cd8 t cell
  • cd8 cell
  • cd4 t cell
  • cd4 cell
  • ceaselessly
  • ceaselessness
  • cebidae
  • cebu
  • cebu city
  • cebu maguey
  • cebuan
  • cebuano
  • cebuella
  • cebuella pygmaea
  • prescott
  • appendectomy
  • family corvidae
  • saneness
  • conniving
  • desegregate
  • groundmass
  • frontage
  • genus salvelinus
  • violin section

  • Idiom of the Day

    live within one's means
    to spend no more money than one has
    The young couple work hard to live within their means.


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