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chilomeniscus cinctus

1.a sand snake of southwestern United States

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  • chilomeniscus
  • chilomastix
  • chiloe
  • chilly
  • chills and fever
  • chilling
  • chilliness
  • chilli pepper
  • chilli
  • chiller
  • chilomycterus
  • chilopoda
  • chilopsis
  • chilopsis linearis
  • chimaera
  • chimaera monstrosa
  • chimaeridae
  • chimakum
  • chimaphila
  • chimaphila corymbosa
  • resoluteness
  • luminous flux
  • horrendous
  • genome
  • homobasidiomycetes
  • haphazardness
  • wastefully
  • andrew william mellon
  • springiness
  • detroit

  • Idiom of the Day

    sack out
    to go to bed, to go to sleep
    I sacked out as soon as I arrived home last evening.

    It's good ________ be back.

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    Cartoon Characters

    Eliza Thornberry

    This middle child of the Wild Thornberry parents, has been given a gift by a Shaman. This gift wasnt an ordinary gift, but the gift to talk to animals.

    She seems to be doing an excellent job with this gift of hers, where she saves the lives of countless animals. Theres only one catch to her gift - she cant tell anybody about it, otherwise she would lose this unique gift.

    In the movie The Wild Thornberrys, she is forced to tell her secret, whereupon she lost her gift. This was quite unnerving for Eliza, even more for her pet baboon, Darwin. But luckily the Shaman gave her gift back, since the tattle-tale wasnt hers to control.

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