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cold turkey

1.a blunt expression of views
2.complete and abrupt withdrawal of all addictive drugs or anything else on which you have become dependent

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  • cold sweat
  • cold stuffed tomato
  • cold storage
  • cold spell
  • cold sore
  • cold sober
  • cold snap
  • cold shoulder
  • cold rubber
  • cold medicine
  • cold war
  • cold wave
  • cold weather
  • cold work
  • cold-blooded
  • cold-bloodedly
  • cold-cream
  • cold-eyed
  • cold-shoulder
  • cold-water flat
  • salvia lancifolia
  • more
  • wool
  • forward-moving
  • extirpation
  • caesalpinia coriaria
  • decolourise
  • tichodroma muriaria
  • entomologist
  • rheumatoid factor

  • Idiom of the Day

    keep (something) to oneself
    to keep something a secret
    I asked my friend to keep the news to herself.

    The man whose company was voted the most successful in the country last year is going to give a speech tonight

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    Wait for a cloudy day

    Nothing makes me happier when shooting portraits than a cloudy day. It makes the lighting even and soft because the clouds act like a giant reflector. Also, it cuts out some of the light from the sun so that I can overpower the ambient light with my flash.

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