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corpus delicti

1.the body of evidence that constitute the offence

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  • corpus christi
  • corpus callosum
  • corpus amygdaloideum
  • corpus
  • corpulent
  • corpulence
  • corpse
  • corps diplomatique
  • corps de ballet
  • corps
  • corpus geniculatum laterale
  • corpus geniculatum mediale
  • corpus luteum
  • corpus mamillare
  • corpus sternum
  • corpus striatum
  • corpuscle
  • corpuscular
  • corpuscular radiation
  • corpuscular theory
  • genus trautvetteria
  • timepiece
  • meclomen
  • pleasurably
  • interregnum
  • privet andromeda
  • unsuitably
  • pickings
  • gaunt
  • san marinese

  • Idiom of the Day

    a square meal
    a nourishing or filling meal
    We ate our first square meal in many days when we visited my grandparents.

    I'm not as successful ___ she is.

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    Pink Lakes of the World

    Red Velddrif Salt Pans South Africa

    The lake is always pink in color Red Velddrif Salt Pans Lake is a salt lake in the South Africa.

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