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1.Russian country house

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  • dacelo gigas
  • dacelo
  • dace
  • dacca
  • daboecia cantabrica
  • daboecia
  • dabchick
  • dabbling duck
  • dabbler
  • dabbled
  • dachau
  • dachshund
  • dachsie
  • dacite
  • dacitic
  • dacninae
  • dacoit
  • dacoity
  • dacridium laxifolius
  • dacron
  • transplacental
  • yellow colicroot
  • durham
  • coumarouna odorata
  • mongol tatar
  • greco-roman
  • saddled
  • st. anthony's cross
  • gluteal
  • revenue bond

  • Idiom of the Day

    join the fray
    to join a fight or argument
    I did not want to join the fray and argue with the other members of the group.

    Her new car runs ________ diesel instead of petrol

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    Home Remedies

    Guidelines of a Diabetics Diet

    1. Eat plenty of vegetables like lettuce (salaad patta), tomato and fruits. Use the following fruits and vegetables sparingly and with caution: banana, seedless grapes (angoor), cheeku, leechi, custard apple (sharifa), dry fruits, mango, raisins (kishmish), potatoes, jackfruit (kathal), carrots (gajar), peas (mattar), beans, sweet potato (shakarkandi), beetroot (chukandar).
    2. Foods rich in fibre should be preferred. Daily intake of calories should be restricted.Use proteins moderately.
    3. Milk & nuts intake to be restricted to the minimum whereas have plenty of curds and buttermilk (chhach).
    4. Avoid all refined foods & sweets.
    5. Drink 8-10 glasses of water daily.

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