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destruction fire

1.fire delivered for the sole purpose of destroying material objects

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  • destruction
  • destructible
  • destructibility
  • destruct
  • destroying angel
  • destroyer escort
  • destroyer
  • destroyed
  • destroyable
  • destroy
  • destructive
  • destructive distillation
  • destructive metabolism
  • destructive-metabolic
  • destructively
  • destructiveness
  • desuetude
  • desultory
  • desynchronisation
  • desynchronise
  • iodotyrosine
  • lay-up
  • membership
  • soothing syrup
  • peludo
  • james buchanan
  • kinin
  • alizarin carmine
  • wait on
  • dm

  • Idiom of the Day

    round up (someone or something) or round (someone or something) up
    to bring together or collect someone or something
    We were able to round up enough people to play a game of soccer last night.

    Some houses have a laundry ________ to send the clothes down to the laundry room from the upper floors.

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    Stellar Photos Of Earth Taken From Space

    Spain and Portugal at night

    It sure looks like yet another galaxy altogether. One can even interpret it to be a wonderful eclipse that is taking place in space. The image of Spain and Portugal at night released by NASA makes one really think so. The photo shot exhibits shimmering display of light emitting from the peninsular cities. The lights surely assists you to identify the land mass. A little below the shoreline one can spot the capital of Portuguese, Lisbon. Directly above Lisbon right in the centre of the Peninsula lays the capital of Spain Madrid. Right near the Gibraltar Strait is located the coastal city of Seville.

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