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1.coextensive with the division Euglenophyta

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  • euglenoid
  • euglenid
  • euglenaceae
  • euglena
  • eugenio pacelli
  • eugenics
  • eugenic
  • eugenia uniflora
  • eugenia jambos
  • eugenia dicrana
  • euglenophyta
  • euglenophyte
  • eukaryote
  • eukaryotic
  • euler
  • eulogise
  • eulogist
  • eulogistic
  • eulogize
  • eulogy
  • hemostatic
  • bitter cassava
  • chastened
  • cantillate
  • stroller
  • dismissed
  • driving range
  • logorrhea
  • holometabolous
  • goffer

  • Idiom of the Day

    bore (someone) to death
    to bore someone very much
    The movie bored me to death.

    It's ________ than it looks.

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    Boss Day

    Boss Day Celebrations

    Most offices and companies celebrate Boss Day by giving small tokens of appreciation such as flowers, candy, gift cards, etc. While this is norm tradition of the holiday, others go above an beyond to honor their supervisors.In Brunswick, Ohio, Huntington Elementary School student celebrated Boss Day in a special and new way in honor of Principal Keith Merrill birthday. Falling directly on October 16, students and staff members alike brought in close to around 200 jars of canned goods, including peanut butter and jelly, which was then donated to Brunswick food pantries in Merrill name. The participants also sported goofy bow ties and ties, Merrill work wardrobe, in honor of the holiday.

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