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family ursidae

1.bears and extinct related forms

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  • family uranoscopidae
  • family upupidae
  • family unit
  • family unionidae
  • family umbelliferae
  • family ulvaceae
  • family ulmaceae
  • family uintatheriidae
  • family tytonidae
  • family typhlopidae
  • family urticaceae
  • family usneaceae
  • family ustilaginaceae
  • family valerianaceae
  • family varanidae
  • family veneridae
  • family verbenaceae
  • family vespertilionidae
  • family vespidae
  • family violaceae
  • cimicifuga racemosa
  • saxifragaceae
  • temptation
  • polyhidrosis
  • distractedly
  • besieger
  • chromolithography
  • ecclesiastical calendar
  • lorisidae
  • unscheduled

  • Idiom of the Day

    die off
    to die one after another until the number is small
    The house plants began to die off soon after we moved to a new apartment.

    I had to look ________ my neighbour's dog while she was away

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