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1.prolific English dramatist who collaborated with Francis Beaumont and many other dramatists (1579-1625)

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  • fletc
  • fleshy
  • fleshly
  • fleshiness
  • fleshed out
  • flesh-eating
  • flesh wound
  • flesh out
  • flesh fly
  • flesh
  • fleur-de-lis
  • fleur-de-lys
  • flex
  • flexeril
  • flexibility
  • flexible
  • flexible joint
  • flexible sigmoidoscope
  • flexible sigmoidoscopy
  • flexibleness
  • felled seam
  • roadhog
  • documental
  • voice box
  • jacksnipe
  • casablanca
  • walker
  • pelargonium hortorum
  • abbatial
  • poplar tree

  • Idiom of the Day

    thread (one's way) through (something)
    to make a path for oneself through a crowded area
    The shopping mall was crowded but we were able to thread our way through the crowd of people.

    It is indeed ...... that 40 years after independence, we have failed to ...... a suitable education or examination system.

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