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gentianella amarella

1.gentian of Europe and China having creamy white flowers with fringed corollas

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  • gentianella
  • gentianales
  • gentianaceae
  • gentiana villosa
  • gentiana thermalis
  • gentiana saponaria
  • gentiana quinquefolia
  • gentiana procera
  • gentiana pneumonanthe
  • gentiana lutea
  • gentianella quinquefolia
  • gentianopsid procera
  • gentianopsis
  • gentianopsis crinita
  • gentianopsis detonsa
  • gentianopsis holopetala
  • gentianopsis thermalis
  • gentile
  • gentility
  • gentle
  • blue gum
  • temporal role
  • phylliform
  • family crassulaceae
  • water chinquapin
  • savory
  • uncommercialized
  • tocantins
  • plumed
  • chockful

  • Idiom of the Day

    feel out (someone) or feel (someone) out
    to talk or act carefully with someone in order to find out what he or she thinks
    I will feel out my boss this weekend about my chance for a promotion.

    It's ________ been this bad before.

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