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genus diospyros

1.a genus of trees or shrubs that have beautiful and valuable wood

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  • genus dioscorea
  • genus dioon
  • genus dionaea
  • genus diomedea
  • genus diodon
  • genus dinornis
  • genus dimorphotheca
  • genus dimocarpus
  • genus dimetrodon
  • genus dillenia
  • genus diphylla
  • genus dipladenia
  • genus diplococcus
  • genus diplodocus
  • genus diplopterygium
  • genus diplotaxis
  • genus dipodomys
  • genus dipogon
  • genus dipsacus
  • genus dipsosaurus
  • gastric smear
  • milfoil
  • rain-giver
  • chilean peso
  • grasping
  • catcher's mask
  • greedy
  • genus echium
  • selenicereus grandiflorus
  • hygroscope

  • Idiom of the Day

    lay one`s cards on the table
    to let someone know one`s position and feelings openly, to deal honestly with something
    The employee decided to lay his cards on the table and tell his boss about the job offer from the other company.

    I'm shattered; I didn't ________ last night.

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    Flies are quite adept at buzzing around, despite the fact that their wings are small in comparison to their bulky bodies. Now, new research published Nov. 17 in the journal Nature has uncovered the gene switch responsible for building the flight muscles in flies. Much like hummingbirds, flies have to flap their wings extremely fast to stay aloft. The fruit fly Drosophila melanogaster contracts and relaxes its flight muscles 200 times a second. Researchers at the Max Planck Institute of Biochemistry in Germany have found that a gene transcription factor called spalt creates these specialized muscles. Spalt is an important go between that ensures that genes get translated into functional proteins. Without it, flies develop only slow moving leg muscles. Humans can t fly, but our heart muscles contain spalt, according to study researcher Frank Schnorrer. That could mean that the factor is important in regulating heartbeat, although more research is needed.

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