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1.a formal association of people with similar interests gild v.
1.decorate with, or as if with, gold leaf or liquid gold

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  • gilbert stuart
  • gilbert murray
  • gilbert keith chesterton
  • gilbert islands
  • gilbert charles stuart
  • gilbert and sullivan
  • gilbert and ellice islands
  • gilbert
  • gila river
  • gild the lily
  • gilded
  • gilded flicker
  • gilder
  • gildhall
  • gilding
  • gilding metal
  • giles lytton strachey
  • gilgai soil
  • gilgamesh
  • matthew flinders
  • swat squad
  • whorehouse
  • wine palm
  • chromatic
  • limulus
  • brother
  • posturing
  • unawares
  • stampede

  • Idiom of the Day

    no matter what happens
    in any event, without regard to what happens
    No matter what happens I plan to go swimming on Saturday.

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    His agent spent a lot of time ________ the press on his background in the hope that they would present a balanced view.

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    English Phrases
    Misuse of one and parts of one with the singular

    Don't Say:
    I read it in one and a half hour.

    I read it in one and a half hours.

    In English, use the plural with anything greater than one, even it it's less than two.
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