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1.the act of contacting one thing with another

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  • hitter
  • hitman
  • hitless
  • hitlerian
  • hitler
  • hitherto
  • hither and thither
  • hither
  • hitchrack
  • hitchiti
  • hittite
  • hiv
  • hive
  • hive away
  • hive off
  • hive up
  • hives
  • hizb ut-tahrir
  • hizballah
  • hizbollah
  • trichomanes reniforme
  • ozark chinkapin
  • strekelia
  • indoctrinate
  • fuji-san
  • brazenly
  • milk glass
  • haul away
  • incandescent lamp
  • shades of

  • Idiom of the Day

    speak one`s mind
    to say openly what one thinks
    I think that it is time for me to speak my mind and talk about my complaints about our company.

    Before I started cycling, I _________ go to work by bus.

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