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1.a tool with a flat blade attached at right angles to a long handle hoe v.
1.dig with a hoe

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  • hodoscope
  • hodometer
  • hodman
  • hodgkin's disease
  • hodgkin
  • hodgepodge
  • hoder
  • hodeida
  • hod carrier
  • hoe handle
  • hoecake
  • hoek van holland
  • hoenir
  • hoffa
  • hoffman
  • hoffmann
  • hoffmannsthal
  • hog
  • hog badger
  • broadsword
  • genus stenotus
  • marriage bed
  • roll around
  • delimit
  • billiard hall
  • garget
  • trochilidae
  • cochlearius cochlearius
  • compulsive

  • Idiom of the Day

    let the chips fall where they may
    to not worry about the results of your actions
    I will worry about whether the company will go bankrupt or not. I will let the chips fall where they may.

    ___ you know, she's going to take over when the current head retires.

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