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master of science

1.a master's degree in science

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  • master of literature
  • master of library science
  • master of laws
  • master of fine arts
  • master of education
  • master of divinity
  • master of ceremonies
  • master of arts in teaching
  • master of arts in library science
  • master of arts
  • master of science in engineering
  • master of theology
  • master plan
  • master race
  • master sergeant
  • master's degree
  • master-at-arms
  • mastered
  • masterful
  • masterfully
  • major tranquillizer
  • extortionate
  • gonadal
  • sharia law
  • first of october antifascist resistance group
  • commercial loan
  • niche
  • shabu
  • common burdock
  • pedodontist

  • Idiom of the Day

    a sitting target
    someone who is in a position that can be easily attacked
    The manager was a sitting target for criticism by the staff.

    For nearly half a century he lived in that village, (a) / sharing 'the joys and sorrows of the people there, (b) / but later he left the village and has not been heard of sinte. (c) / No error (d)

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