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1.in non-flowering plants, a sporophyll that bears only microsporangia

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  • microsporidian
  • microspore
  • microsporangium
  • microsorium punctatum
  • microsorium
  • microsome
  • microsomal
  • microsoft disk operating system
  • microseism
  • microsecond
  • microsporum
  • microstomus
  • microstomus kitt
  • microstrobos
  • microstrobos niphophilus
  • microsurgery
  • microtome
  • microtubule
  • microtus
  • microtus ochrogaster
  • symmetric
  • lisboa
  • ergometer
  • commercial credit company
  • high-keyed
  • ian lancaster fleming
  • musingly
  • tetchily
  • falcatifolium
  • genus muscicapa

  • Idiom of the Day

    get hold of (something)
    to get possession of something
    "If you get hold of a dictionary, could you please let me borrow it for a few minutes."

    If you could, would you go there?

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    English Grammar
    1. I'm exhausted.
    2. I'm dead tired.
    3. I'm pooped.
    4. I'm spent.
    5. I'm beat.
    6. I'm running on fumes. / I'm running on empty.
    7. I can hardly keep my eyes open.
    8. I'm off to bed.
    9. I'm gonna hit the sack. (hit the sack = go to bed)
    10. It's bedtime for me.
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