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1.a genus of fungus of the family Moniliaceae

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  • microsporophyll
  • microsporidian
  • microspore
  • microsporangium
  • microsorium punctatum
  • microsorium
  • microsome
  • microsomal
  • microsoft disk operating system
  • microseism
  • microstomus
  • microstomus kitt
  • microstrobos
  • microstrobos niphophilus
  • microsurgery
  • microtome
  • microtubule
  • microtus
  • microtus ochrogaster
  • microtus pennsylvaticus
  • caruncula
  • unavoidable
  • claim form
  • fulfilled
  • pork-fish
  • anglophobe
  • american plane
  • erica tetralix
  • ovum
  • distrustful

  • Idiom of the Day

    on cloud nine
    very happy
    The woman has been on cloud nine since she decided to get married.

    You needn't ________ it.

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    The Beez Kneez

    What do you do when you love cycling and beekeeping but live in the heart of Minneapolis? You put on an antennae helmet and deliver your own bees honey to locals in the community, of course Beez Kneez also teaches locals how to have a hive and the importance of bees to the ecosystem.

    English Phrases
    1. I'm exhausted.
    2. I'm dead tired.
    3. I'm pooped.
    4. I'm spent.
    5. I'm beat.
    6. I'm running on fumes. / I'm running on empty.
    7. I can hardly keep my eyes open.
    8. I'm off to bed.
    9. I'm gonna hit the sack. (hit the sack = go to bed)
    10. It's bedtime for me.
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