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microstrobos niphophilus

1.small shrub or Tasmania having short stiff branches

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  • microstrobos
  • microstomus kitt
  • microstomus
  • microsporum
  • microsporophyll
  • microsporidian
  • microspore
  • microsporangium
  • microsorium punctatum
  • microsorium
  • microsurgery
  • microtome
  • microtubule
  • microtus
  • microtus ochrogaster
  • microtus pennsylvaticus
  • microtus richardsoni
  • microvolt
  • microwave
  • microwave bomb
  • ballistocardiogram
  • islamic ummah
  • heliocentric
  • end man
  • c. k. ogden
  • phonologic system
  • dirt track
  • cook out
  • toilet powder
  • viburnum opulus

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    pose as (someone)
    to pretend to be someone
    The man was posing as a reporter in order to get information about the company.

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    Ivan Ivec

    Born in 1976, Ivan Ivec is a Croatian mathematician and IQ test specialist with according to the World Genius Directory an IQ of 174. He holds a Ph.D. in mathematics and works at Gimnazija A.G.Mato?a High School in Samobor, Zagreb. Ivec s website is dedicated to IQ testing and results, and his own tests cover IQ ranges of between 120 and 190. He has also worked with fellow Croatian mathematician Mislav Predavec to design such tests. Interestingly, Ivec says that the time restrictions on intelligence tests devised by psychologists are not ideal for everybody. Specifically, there are intelligent people, capable of performing complex actions and resolving complex tasks, although their speed of solving is low, he has explained.

    1. I'm exhausted.
    2. I'm dead tired.
    3. I'm pooped.
    4. I'm spent.
    5. I'm beat.
    6. I'm running on fumes. / I'm running on empty.
    7. I can hardly keep my eyes open.
    8. I'm off to bed.
    9. I'm gonna hit the sack. (hit the sack = go to bed)
    10. It's bedtime for me.
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