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1.voles of the northern hemisphere

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  • microtubule
  • microtome
  • microsurgery
  • microstrobos niphophilus
  • microstrobos
  • microstomus kitt
  • microstomus
  • microsporum
  • microsporophyll
  • microsporidian
  • microtus ochrogaster
  • microtus pennsylvaticus
  • microtus richardsoni
  • microvolt
  • microwave
  • microwave bomb
  • microwave diathermy machine
  • microwave linear accelerator
  • microwave oven
  • microwave radar
  • hooded sheldrake
  • holystone
  • introjected
  • knighthood
  • defenceless
  • wine bucket
  • anglo-saxon
  • romanian
  • haymaker
  • coefficient of concordance

  • Idiom of the Day

    put up a brave/good front
    to pretend to be happy, to fool people about one`s feelings
    My friend always puts up a good front but actually he is very unhappy.

    He tried to _________ the problem.

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    Virgo and Work

    Virgo ( Aug 23 - Sep 22 ) and Work :

    It's difficult to imagine an organization that wouldn't benefit from having a Virgo or two around. The master of multi-tasking, you easily juggle hundreds of details and dozens of conflicting demands. Organized and meticulous, you're skilled at teaching, writing (and other forms of communication), and anything that requires an analytical mind and attention to detail. But no matter what direction you go in, more work ends up on your desk than on anyone else's because, guess what? You're more efficient than anyone else. That's why the powers-that-be keep calling on you. No one else is up to the job and you may not want to do it either. Even so, you produce accurate, timely results because you can't resist rising to a challenge. Might as well admit the truth: You can't resist the compliment, and you take secret pleasure in tucking in every last detail. You're the ideal employee, like it or not which may be why Virgos often fantasize about owning their own businesses. The degree of control you gain as an entrepreneur is tonic for your soul. If you work for a Virgo, follow instructions to the letter and obey the unstated rules of the workplace. On the surface, the environment may be casual and egalitarian. Nonetheless, the standards are strict. So go ahead and request instruction and clarification when you need it. Virgo will respect you for asking. Similarly, feel free to ask for feedback. But understand that after you receive advice, you must make a sincere effort at following it. Otherwise, Virgo may perceive your request as a waste of time. And take my word for it: You don't want to waste a Virgo's time.

    1. I'm exhausted.
    2. I'm dead tired.
    3. I'm pooped.
    4. I'm spent.
    5. I'm beat.
    6. I'm running on fumes. / I'm running on empty.
    7. I can hardly keep my eyes open.
    8. I'm off to bed.
    9. I'm gonna hit the sack. (hit the sack = go to bed)
    10. It's bedtime for me.
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