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1.wetness caused by water

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  • moistness
  • moistly
  • moistening
  • moistener
  • moisten
  • moist
  • moire
  • moirai
  • moirae
  • moira shearer
  • moisturise
  • moisturize
  • mojarra
  • mojave
  • mojave aster
  • mojave desert
  • mojave rattlesnake
  • mojo
  • moke
  • moksa
  • fetoprotein
  • basilar membrane
  • bicyclist
  • frottage
  • rooftop
  • saddam's martyrs
  • asian longhorned beetle
  • al itihaad al islamiya
  • genus ibis
  • leader

  • Idiom of the Day

    out of reach
    not close enough to be reached or touched, unattainable
    The books on the bookshelf were out of reach and I could not get the dictionary easily.

    Meet me at the first ________ at sunrise.

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