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1.made regular

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  • regularize
  • regularization
  • regularity
  • regularised
  • regularise
  • regularisation
  • regular tetrahedron
  • regular recurrence
  • regular polyhedron
  • regular polygon
  • regularly
  • regulate
  • regulated
  • regulating
  • regulation
  • regulation time
  • regulative
  • regulator
  • regulator gene
  • regulatory
  • watergate
  • displeasingly
  • panthera
  • aerosolized
  • dwarf russian almond
  • genus aerobacter
  • monolingual
  • apulia
  • genus tectona
  • entrails

  • Idiom of the Day

    nothing but (something)
    to be only something
    There were nothing but people who played wind instruments at the music camp.

    Despite his great age we realized that he'd not lost his ________ because he was still able to deliver a wonderful speech.

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