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1.a plane figure bounded by two radii and the included arc of a circle
2.a body of people who form part of society or economy
3.a particular aspect of life or activity
4.the minimum track length that can be assigned to store information
5.a portion of a military position
6.measuring instrument consisting of two graduated arms hinged at one end

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  • sectioned
  • sectionalize
  • sectionalization
  • sectionalism
  • sectionalise
  • sectionalisation
  • sectional
  • section man
  • section hand
  • section gang
  • sectorial
  • sectral
  • secular
  • secular games
  • secular humanism
  • secularisation
  • secularise
  • secularised
  • secularism
  • secularist
  • prohibitionist
  • gambian
  • laminal
  • eritrea
  • down town
  • karl landsteiner
  • civil authority
  • ace
  • petrolatum
  • genus thyrsopteris

  • Idiom of the Day

    without rhyme or reason
    without purpose or reason
    Without rhyme or reason the two men started arguing in the bus.

    The defendant claimed that he was innocent and that his confession was ________.

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