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ski parka

1.a parka to be worn while skiing

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  • ski mask
  • ski lodge
  • ski lift
  • ski jumping
  • ski jumper
  • ski jump
  • ski jacket
  • ski conditions
  • ski cap
  • ski boots
  • ski pole
  • ski race
  • ski rack
  • ski resort
  • ski run
  • ski slope
  • ski tow
  • ski trail
  • ski wax
  • ski-plane
  • unsanctified
  • inn
  • pentaerythritol
  • lesser celandine
  • genus ictonyx
  • lomogramma
  • undisturbed
  • sterculia foetida
  • furore
  • bolivia

  • Idiom of the Day

    beat the tar out of (someone)
    to beat someone severely
    The older boy beat the tar out of the young boy in the schoolyard..

    The decision was finally taken that appointments should be based purely and simply on ________ .

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