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ski slope

1.a snow-covered slope for skiing

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  • ski run
  • ski resort
  • ski rack
  • ski race
  • ski pole
  • ski parka
  • ski mask
  • ski lodge
  • ski lift
  • ski jumping
  • ski tow
  • ski trail
  • ski wax
  • ski-plane
  • skiagram
  • skiagraph
  • skiagraphy
  • skibob
  • skid
  • skid lid
  • stillroom
  • pilary
  • perennate
  • ashur
  • physique
  • david barnard steinman
  • semiautomatic pistol
  • chunky
  • uncombed
  • mammon

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    give (someone) a fair shake
    to treat someone fairly
    Our company tries to give everyone a fair shake.

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