1.very good

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  • slap-bang
  • slap together
  • slap on
  • slap
  • slantwise
  • slantways
  • slantingly
  • slanting
  • slanted
  • slant-eye
  • slapdash
  • slaphappy
  • slapped
  • slapper
  • slapshot
  • slapstick
  • slash
  • slash pocket
  • slashed
  • slasher
  • hypermastigina
  • consuming
  • aroid
  • catholic pope
  • sinatra
  • denatured alcohol
  • genus tursiops
  • skim over
  • himalayish
  • decoder

  • time off
    free time when one does not have to work
    I had some time off last week and I was able to do some extra reading.
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    The discovery of the new element was ________; the scientist was looking for something else.

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    Omission of the before names of nationalities

    Don't Say:
    English are fond of sports.

    The English are fond of sports.

    Place the definite article before the names of nationalities, describing a people collectively: the British, the French, the Dutch, the Swiss, the Chinese, the Sudanese, etc.
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