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1.covered with or resembling slime

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  • slime mushroom
  • slime mould
  • slime mold
  • slime eels
  • slime bacteria
  • slime
  • slim-waisted
  • slim down
  • slim chance
  • slim
  • sliminess
  • slimly
  • slimness
  • slimy
  • sling
  • slingback
  • slinger
  • slinger ring
  • slinging
  • slingshot
  • auric
  • razing
  • platanthera bifolia
  • pooecetes
  • oestriol
  • leathery polypody
  • evaporite
  • carassius carassius
  • work animal
  • sweating sickness

  • Idiom of the Day

    come to a head
    to come to a point where a problem must be solved
    The issue came to a head and everyone was forced to talk about the problem.

    The interviewer asked the candidate (a) / to what district (b) / he came from (c) /No error (d)

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