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snow job

1.a long and elaborate misrepresentation

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  • snow gum
  • snow goose
  • snow flurry
  • snow eater
  • snow chains
  • snow bunting
  • snow blower
  • snow
  • snout beetle
  • snout
  • snow leopard
  • snow lily
  • snow line
  • snow mist
  • snow mushroom
  • snow orchid
  • snow pea
  • snow plant
  • snow thrower
  • snow tire
  • standing press
  • nonnomadic
  • tricyclic
  • bristly sarsaparilla
  • street sweeper
  • observance
  • conceptuality
  • zirconium silicate
  • boisterous
  • variable star

  • Idiom of the Day

    come about
    to happen
    Everybody believes that the plans for the new community center will never come about.

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    Best Romantic Places In India


    A white meadow of snow and alpine stretches, Auli is another romantic destination worth visiting. Walk through the frosty land and get the spectacular sight of the second highest mountain in India, Nanda Devi. Add a touch of adventure by going skiing down these snow crusted slopes.

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