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1.a pressure suit worn by astronauts while in outer space

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  • spaceship
  • spaceman
  • spaceflight
  • spacefaring
  • spaced-out
  • spaced
  • spacecraft event time
  • spacecraft clock time
  • spacecraft
  • space-time continuum
  • spacewalker
  • spaceward
  • spacewards
  • spacey
  • spacial
  • spacing
  • spaciotemporal
  • spacious
  • spaciously
  • spaciousness
  • grainy club mushrooms
  • hoffa
  • hater
  • midas touch
  • polyhedral
  • pharyngeal reflex
  • passing water
  • flag smut
  • deep-freeze
  • pen nib

  • Idiom of the Day

    yoke around someone's neck
    a burden for someone
    The complaints from the apartment manager were a yoke around our neck.

    The teacher insisted (a) / on me to participate (b) / in the debate. (c) / No error (d)

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