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suborder sauria

1.true lizards

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  • suborder ruminantia
  • suborder reptantia
  • suborder prosimii
  • suborder prosauropoda
  • suborder plesiosauria
  • suborder pinnipedia
  • suborder petromyzoniformes
  • suborder percoidea
  • suborder passeres
  • suborder pachycephalosaurus
  • suborder sauropoda
  • suborder sauropodomorpha
  • suborder sciuromorpha
  • suborder scombroidea
  • suborder scorpaenoidea
  • suborder serpentes
  • suborder strepsirhini
  • suborder tarsioidea
  • suborder theropoda
  • suborder thyreophora
  • tailflower
  • expounding
  • aposiopetic
  • cut of meat
  • toby jug
  • wall up
  • execration
  • abrade
  • pregnant chad
  • marketer

  • Idiom of the Day

    draw a blank
    to get no response to something, to get a negative result
    The manager drew a blank when he went to the head office to get information about the merger.

    The hare shot ahead and then decided to ________ down at the side of the path for a rest.

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    Rules to play Skeet Shooting


    Virtually all single shot shotguns are break action; they operate similarly to the over and under and the sidebyside except they have only one barrel and can hold only one shot. They are very inexpensive, and not popular for clay pigeon shooting. Also their low weight and solid actions result in excessive recoil which further diminishes their appeal for high volume clay shooting.

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