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1.a resident of Tennessee

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  • tenner
  • tenia
  • tenge
  • teng hsiaoping
  • teng hsiao-ping
  • tenfold
  • tenet
  • tenesmus
  • tenerife
  • tenement house
  • tennessee
  • tennessee river
  • tennessee walker
  • tennessee walking horse
  • tennessee williams
  • tenniel
  • tennis
  • tennis ball
  • tennis camp
  • tennis club
  • genus aphriza
  • dasypus
  • undatable
  • marsupialia
  • leontodon
  • united states national library of medicine
  • adansonia gregorii
  • tasteless
  • domestic ass
  • dressmaking

  • Idiom of the Day

    nobody`s fool
    a smart person, a person who can take care of himself or herself
    The woman is nobody`s fool. You will not have to worry about her when she starts her new job.

    If I were you, I __________ that.

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