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1.Indras's thunderbolt

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  • vaisya
  • vaisnavism
  • vaishnavism
  • vaishnava
  • vaisakha
  • vainly
  • vainglory
  • vainglorious
  • vain
  • vagus nerve
  • valance
  • valance board
  • valdez
  • valdosta
  • vale
  • valediction
  • valedictorian
  • valedictory
  • valedictory address
  • valedictory speaker
  • superabundance
  • abounding
  • urn
  • indiscipline
  • brooding
  • neo-darwinian
  • liberty bell
  • himalayan
  • patent leather
  • sucrose

  • Idiom of the Day

    go cold turkey
    to stop doing something (usually a bad habit) suddenly
    I decided to go cold turkey and quit smoking.

    The past tense of 'bring'is ________

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    Precautions while using Washing Machine

    Wash load sensor

    High end and larger capacity washing machines usually have a wash load sensor. The sensor can modify and reprogram the wash cycle and even balance the washing machine in case there is an overload on a particular side, which may be because of entangled fabrics. In the absence of a wash load sensor, you might notice that the machine sometimes jumps or hops sometimes as a result of a load imbalance. If your wash load is large, chances are that clothes might get entangled and create imbalance.

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