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1.a walking trip or tour
2.a public stroll by a celebrity to meet people informally
3.nomadic excursions into the bush made by an Aborigine

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  • walk-up apartment
  • walk-up
  • walk-to
  • walk-through
  • walk-on
  • walk-in
  • walk through
  • walk over
  • walk out of
  • walk out
  • walkaway
  • walker
  • walker foxhound
  • walker hound
  • walker percy
  • walker smith
  • walkie-talkie
  • walking
  • walking delegate
  • walking fern
  • misdate
  • neosho river
  • plumbing
  • bank robber
  • buffalo bill
  • talipot palm
  • unremarked
  • battle of poitiers
  • beelzebub
  • punch-up

  • Idiom of the Day

    size up (someone or something)
    to try to form an opinion of someone, to assess a situation
    It took me some time to size up the candidate before deciding to offer him a job.

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