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1.any of several large African antelopes of the genus Kobus having curved ridged horns and frequenting e.g. swamps and rivers

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  • waterborne
  • waterbird
  • water-washed
  • water-wash
  • water-target
  • water-soluble vitamin
  • water-soluble
  • water-skiing
  • water-shield family
  • water-shield
  • waterbury
  • watercannon
  • watercolor
  • watercolorist
  • watercolour
  • watercolourist
  • watercourse
  • watercraft
  • watercress
  • waterdog
  • filly
  • formula
  • downsizing
  • darkness
  • bilgy
  • salad dressing
  • gregarious
  • mucinoid
  • charivari
  • wick

  • Idiom of the Day

    let oneself go
    to become less constrained
    I went to the party and let myself go for the evening.

    Just because you're angry, it doesn't mean you can take it ________ me.

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    Precautions while using Oxygen Therapy

    Petroleum based products

    Petroleum based products (such as Vaseline) should not be used on the face when oxygen is being used. Do not allow alcoholic solutions, oil or grease to come into contact with oxygen supply devices. This includes petroleum jelly. Check that all electrical equipment in the vicinity of the oxygen is properly grounded (earthed).

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