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How ________ people are coming?

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English Grammar
The most important rules for writing letters are:

  • Write your address in the top right-hand corner (house-number first, then street-name, then town, etc). Do not put your name above the address.

  • Put the date under the address. One way to write the date is: number — month — year (for example 17 May 1982). For other ways, .

  • In a business letter, put the name and address of the person you are writing to on the left-hand side of the page (beginning on the same level as the date).

  • Begin the letter (DearX) on the left-hand side of the page.

  • Leave a line, and begin your first paragraph on the left-hand side. Leave another line after each paragraph, and begin each new paragraph on the left.

  • If you begin DearSir(s) or Dear Madam, finish Yours faithfully ... .If you begin with the person's name (Dear Mrs Hawkins), finish Yours sincerely or Yours (more informal). Friendly letters may begin with a first name (Dear Keith) and finish with an expression like Yours or Love.

  • On the envelope, put the first name before the surname.
    You can write the first name in full (Mr Keith Parker), or you can write one or more initials (Mr K Parker; MrKS Parker). Titles like Mr, Ms, Dr are usually written without a full stop in British English.
    Examples of letters and envelopes

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