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Choose an idiom to replace the expression in the brackets:
You should not (decide too quickly) and blame him for the computer problem.

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All of these words refer to an area with lots of trees and other vegetation close together.

The word jungle refers to a tropical area (it can also be called a rain forest). The Amazon in Brazil is an example of a jungle.

In non-tropical areas, land filled with trees can be called the forest or the woods:
  • We went camping in the forest / in the woods.
  • The frightened fox ran across the parking lot and then disappeared into the forest/woods.

    We usually say "the woods" - when it is necessary to use "a," we typically use forest:
  • There is a large forest in the eastern part of the state.
  • There is a large woods

    The word wood is used for the substance that comes from trees and is used in construction and to make furniture and other objects:
  • This table is made of wood.
  • A small wooden cross marked the burial site.

    wooden" is the adjective meaning "made of wood.

    If we are talking about multiple pieces of wood, then we say "pieces of wood" and not "woods":
  • We gathered a few pieces of wood to start a fire. a few woods

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