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Test # 1101 [06-Jul-2020]

I tried ________ a ticket, but they had all sold out.

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Hippomane mancinella
Manchineel, manzanilla, Beach apple.

Key Uses:
  • Confused feelings about sexuality connected with fear of being possessed by evil spirits
  • Fear of insanity and loss of mind control
  • Obsessive behavior, even leading to a psychological breakdown
  • Skin problems, such as dermatitis

    Origin : Found in the West Indies.

    Background : The sap of this tree, or even just the smoke from its wood when burning, is so acrid that it can cause blindness on contact with the eyes.

    Preparation : The fresh fruits, leaves, and bark of the tree are chopped and steeped in alcohol.

    Remedy Profile : Mancinella is used primarily for mental rather than physical symptoms. It is most appropriate for people who fear that they may become insane and lose control of their minds, due to the intrusion of evil thoughts or possession by evil spirits. Their feelings are intensified by watching horror movies, and their anxieties may become obsessive or even lead to a psychological breakdown. An advanced breakdown may cause the memory to deteriorate, with forgetfulness from one minute to the next. Mancinella is also prescribed for confused feelings about sexuality that are bound up with the fear of being possessed by evil spirits, especially if these feelings occur during puberty or the menopause.
    Physical symptoms typically associated with Mancinella include skin problems such as dermatitis. They are generally accompanied by an oozing, sticky serum, which may form crusts or blisters, or stinging blisters on the soles of the feet, with acrid, sticky foot perspiration.
    The sense of smell may be affected by strange illusions, such as phantom smells of gunpowder or dung. There may be a peppery, burning sensation in the mouth, along with a taste of blood and copious yellow saliva.

    Symptoms Better : For rubbing the affected area; for walking.

    Symptoms Worse : For cold; for damp; for touch; for puberty; for menopause.

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