Daily English Quiz 951

Test # 951 [07-Feb-2020]

Carry the water in a ________.

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Eye care tips for Computer users


Your PC and laptop have a great impact in affecting or maintaining the eyes properly. Replace your old CRT monitors with the new LCD or LED monitors. As CRT monitors have low refresh rate it causes flickers which inturn causes strain to the eyes. Nowadays LCD monitors are very cheap and consume less space than traditional CRT monitors. These LCD monitors come mostly with anti reflective coating and it has high resolution which gives great viewing without much damage to our eyes. Adjust your screen brightness, color and contrast ratio. Your screen must be brighter compared to your surroundings. Keep your text in the screen as brighter and sharper as you can, so that you dont need to look close the text by leaning forward and it is also important to have a proper text font and size for better viewing. Avoid awkward angle in viewing the screen as it causes much strain to the eye.

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