General Elementary English Test - 16

General English : General Elementary English Questions and Answers

1. Can you ________ me all right over there because you are rather a long way away?

2. I have been ________ strange stories about you recently but I do hope that there is no substance in them.

3. To most people it seemed like a long and successful relationship and so it was a great surprise to learn that they had ________ with each other.

4. When your train arrives, I'll ________ you from the station.

5. After the children had ________ doing their homework, the whole family watched television.

6. You can't miss it, it's that tall building right at the ________ of the road.

7. He sometimes pretends he can't ________ a single word you are saying but all the time he's taking it all in.

8. I ________ what you are saying but that still doesn't make me want to change my mind one little bit.

9. I always get ________ early in the summer.

10. They wanted their daughter to improve her social skills and sent her to the famous ________ school in Switzerland.

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