general english test - 09

General English Questions and Answers

1. Just as we were about to leave the restaurant, the waiter came running up to apologize there had been a ________ in the bill.

2. From the point of view of relevant ________ she was the ideal candidate at least on paper.

3. I think that your financial optimism is not really justified and you should adopt a more ________ attitude.

4. He appreciated the additional welcome and help he received from the department store staff as he had after all been a longstanding ________ .

5. Managers complained bitterly at the Annual General Meeting that ________ of production had dropped to an all time low.

6. Whenever a member of staff makes a claim for travel expenses, they have to provide a ________ account of their journeys.

7. If you are self-employed, it is your responsibility to ________ how much tax you should legally pay.

8. Each year the Chancellor of the Exchequer stands up in the House of Commons and gives a ________ of what is seen as the economic outlook for the country.

9. You have to accept that this kind of expenditure is quite ________ in an enterprise of this kind.

10. In order to cut down the expenses of compiling and sending out the invoices, you need to employ an ________ administrator.

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A manager is somebody who has a level of control and responsibility over other people in a company or organization. For example, in a small clothing store, the salespeople would be responsible for selling clothes and helping customers... and the manager would be responsible for making the salespeople's schedule, organizing the store's finances, training new salespeople, and resolving any problems among the employees.

The word boss simply refers to the person above you in the company hierarchy. Let's say we have a company with a:
  • President
  • Vice-president
  • Director
  • Manager
  • Employees

    If you are one of the employees, then the manager is your boss. If you are the director, then the vice-president is your boss.

    Your boss is the person supervising you, who may be responsible for evaluating your work or giving approval for certain decisions.

    An administrator is simply a person who does administrative work (working with documents, paperwork, information and data, etc.) An administrator can also be a manager or boss if he or she is the leader of a team of employees... or an administrator can simply be a regular employee.

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