General English Test - 16

General English Questions and Answers

1. It may seem a long way into the future but in the end you will get some ________ from your investment.

2. The little boy ________ and almost fell down while chasing the ball, but he regained his balance again.

3. ________ are people who put money into a business in the hope of making a profit.

4. I simply don't believe the scheme will ever succeed, it's just ________ in the sky.

5. When you take out a large loan over many years, you don't start paying off the ________ for some time.

6. Question: What do they call those huge buildings in New York? Answer: They're called sky________ .

7. All of a sudden the teacher felt dizzy, he ________ for a second and fell down.

8. Although this antique clock hasn't been working for ages now it looks to me that its big hand is ________ from time to time.

9. Having attended the office procedures course all employees were expected to ________ what they had learned and introduce it into their daily routine.

10. On her retirement she was given a substantial cheque in ________ of all the work she had done over the last 20 years.

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